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Who are ANMAT´s authorities?

    Ministry of Health: Dr. Daniel Gollan..
    Secretariat of Policies, Regulation and Institutes: Dr. Gabriel Eduardo Yedlin.
    ANMAT National Administrator: Ing. Rogelio F. López.
    Telephone: 4342-8684 4342-8684 - fax: 4340-0800 ext. 1173
    E-mail: direccion@anmat.gov.ar
    ANMAT National Deputy Administrator: Dr. Federico R. Kaski.
    Telephone: 4340-0800 4340-0800 ext. 1523 - fax: 4340-0800 ext. 1173
    E-mail: direccion@anmat.gov.ar
    Iname – National Institute Of Drugs: Farm. Raquel Méndez (Acting Director).
    Inal – National Institute Of Food: Matías De Nicola (Acting Director).
    National Directorate Of Medical Devices: Bioing. Paulo Musich (Acting Director).
    General Directorate Of Administration: Pablo Scagliarini (Acting Director).
    General Directorate Of Legal Affairs: Nora Donato (Acting Director).
    Office Of Technical Information Management: Roberto Sierras (Acting Director).
    Office Of Institutional Relations And Advertising Regulation: Héctor Sebastián Duarte (Acting Director).
    Office Of Sanitary Technologies Evaluation: Silvia Boni (Acting Director).
    Office Of Health Products Vigilance: María José Sánchez (Acting Director).
    Office Of Human Resources And Organization: Nélida Morinigo (Acting Director).
Avenida de Mayo 869 (C1084AAD) - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina - Tel: 54-11-4340-0800